• Easy to read and use. Designed with the lay reader in mind.
  • 1000 explanatory footnotes explain the Principle perspective to understanding the Bible narratives.
  • Far more passages of scripture referenced than in the Exposition of the DP.
  • A unique Topical Index cross references the Bible with the Divine Principle, and the Divine Principle with the Bible.
  • A brief overview of the entire Divine Principle ties it all together, including the process of the important Parallels of History.
  • The Biblical context can empower Unificationists with new insights into the Divine Principle, and empower open-minded Christian readers with new insights into the Bible in a way that only a combined resource such as this can provide.

Presenting an easy-to-use Divine Principle Study Bible for lay people and pastors alike, showing how the teachings of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon elucidate the Holy Bible and are expressed and demonstrated in it. The Divine Principle Study Bible is the perfect study tool for Unificationists, ACLC pastors and their congregations, and open-minded Christian people who want to see how the Bible and Rev. Moon's teachings relate with each other. It reveals clearly an overwhelming weight of Biblical evidence supporting such Principle perspectives as: the spiritual resurrection of Jesus, the literal Kingdom on earth as Jesus' original mission, man's human portion of responsibility instead of God's absolute predestination, God and Jesus as distinct but united beings, etc. The Divine Principle Study Bible is a "must-have" for any Unificationist pastors or Church members who feel a calling to share the Principle with their Christian friends, or who simply want a deeper appreciation of Jesus and Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and of both the Divine Principle and the Bible. King James version. Available today on Amazon.com.

This is the fruit of my long-time desire to see this kind of publication in print, and my recent study at the CheongShim Graduate School of Theology in Korea. If, after using this new resource, you have any suggestions or comments, they are more than welcome. Let's collaborate together to further enhance this valuable and useful resource.

- Dr. Michael Hentrich

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