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Cheon Seong Gyeong Quotes

The source....

These speeches have been translated into twelve languages and published in three hundred volumes. Their contents that I teach are not the result of a comprehensive study of historical documents or scholarly research, but are rather the principles and fundamental answers I arrived at through freely communicating with both the visible and invisible worlds. P. 2124. Right. Ch.6. Sec. 1.

The importance of understanding the nature of God....

The cherished desire of young women and men is to form ideal families that is, true families. Here, "True family" refers to a family that God likes. Hence, the most important thing is your understanding of God. P. 2265. Left. Ch.2. Sec.4.

God also seeks happiness....

There is no doubt that God's purpose in seeking humankind must also be for the sake of His own happiness. P. 1811. Left. Ch.3. Sec. 2.3.4.

God is relational...

In terms of value, the relational being is a form of existence that cannot be exchanged for God Himself. The term "Relational value" sounds difficult to comprehend. The relational value of anything, the value of the object based on the word "Relational," is so great that it cannot be exchanged for anything or anyone, not even God Himself. If God were to exchange it with Himself, He would be left alone as a result. He would be all by Himself. This is why God commits Himself and exhausts His strength, His energy. He is engaged in a war of attrition. The forms of existence thus created with relational value which cannot be exchanged even for God Himself are human beings. P. 1659. Right. Ch.1. Sec. 3.2.1.

God is limited, by His own design....

God had the power to destroy or save Adam and Eve, but he couldn't. p. 136-7. Ch.4. Sec. 1.2.

How enraged God is when He looks down on us on earth! All human beings should have had His lineage, but Satan pushes them into a miserable state and scornfully jeers at God saying, "Your descendants are miserable." When Satan asks God, "How will You, with all Your omniscience and omnipotence, redeem this difficult situation?" God can only be silent. He has to pretend to be deaf though He can hear, pretend not to smell though He can smell, and pretend not to feel though He can feel. Have you ever thought about the misery of God throughout history? P. 139 last para. Ch.4. Sec. 2.1.

God can do anything at will, but because of the reality of unprincipled love, His hands have been tied. No one knows how He suffers under such lasting regret and sorrow and how unimaginably weary He is.... In the established churches people say, "Oh! Holy, holy God! Oh! God of glory! Give me blessings." But God is not that kind of God. On the contrary, He is a miserable God, suffering in confinement. He can be liberated from His sorrowful situation only through the birth of a son. P. 144 bottom. Ch.4.Sec.3.2.

There are things God cannot do as He wants. Even God cannot do whatever He wants in relation to love. P. 2411. Right. Ch.2. Sec.1.5.1.

Even God, the great almighty Creator, has to bow His head to love. P.315 top right. Sec.2.

Love is absolute. Even God, who has absolute knowledge, absolute capability and absolute authority, is absolutely obedient in front of absolute love. P.327 right. Sec.4.

What was God's deep anguish? It originated in the fact that He could not educate His true sons and daughters to become people of perfected heart, that He could not educate them about the siblings heart, and the heart of a husband or wife. He could not educate them in the standard of heart that dictates what a couple should be like on earth. God could not educate them in how to become a couple and then how to be a parent. P.770. bottom right. Ch.1. Sec. 2.1.

Were it not for Satan, God would forgive humankind and save them. Despite His desire, since God cannot avoid Satan's accusations, then with tremendous regret, He is compelled to accept those accusations. Who understands God's difficult and wearisome position? We should liberate Him from this situation. In order to do so, there must be such sons and daughters who can confront Satan and save those in hell. Without doing so it is impossible. P.921. right.Ch.2.Sec.6.1.

Had there been no human portion of responsibility God could have exercised his dominion at any time. He could have said, "Hey, do not do that," at the time of the Fall. Because our portion of responsibility existed and God was not in a position to interfere, He could not prevent the Fall and neither could He prevent Satan's activities. P.1114. left. Ch.1.Sec.2.1.

However, until today, although God could move through 360 degrees on that same level plane, He could not teach us directly and we have been waiting for the emergence of a central figure. P.1118. right. Ch.1.Sec.3.1.

Then, why could God not intervene in this? Human love is governed by human beings. It is not the subject, but the partner who is the master of all forms of love in heaven and on earth; thus, if God, who lives for the sake of others following desires of His partners, came to dominate human love, the fundamentals would break down. So, God as a Ruler would stand in an absurd position. That is why, even though He saw what was happening, He could not do anything about it. P.1134. bottom left. Ch.2.Sec.1.1.

When Adam and Eve were about to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, do you think God said, "It is just what I expected. Go ahead!" Certainly not! His heart withered and all senses focused on that place. God was trembling and bleeding. He felt like crying out "You must not eat the fruit!" Because of such indescribable sorrow and frustration, He was unable to think of anything else. That must have been God's situation. Do you think God simply watched Adam and Eve eat the fruit of good and evil? If He had had a sword He would have wanted to cut out that history, cut out the whole world, but His position did not allow Him to do that. All He could do was be overwhelmed with grief. P.1154. bottom right. Ch.2.Sec.5.2.

God and Satan are engaged in battle and the question is: who can put an end to this fight? Neither God nor Satan can stop it. Why? Since it was the false parents who brought about this fight, only when those who are more entitled to the position come forth and stand before God can He claim, "I will end it because you are what I wanted," and then Satan can also say, "Since you have triumphed, I will withdraw myself," thus putting an end to the battle. You should realize that because not even God Himself could do it, it has taken such a long time in history. P. 2333. Right. Ch.4. Sec.6.1.

How grievous it is for God that He cannot take measures against the archangel Satan who destroyed the order of love! P. 1772. Right. Ch.3. Sec. 1.1.

We are aware of how much You (God) grieved over not being able to help this son of Yours in his work, since all that You could do was shed tears and watch over his path. P. 1577. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 2.4.

God is such a miserable being. In order to save human beings who fell into the pits of misery, God is waking people up from sleep, shouting "Come! Come to me!" But God cannot make people come to Him like that. They must fulfill their portion of responsibility. So, as God cannot do our part for us, how difficult it is for God to do His work! P.1219. left. Ch.4. Sec.4.1.

Only God is good?

Established theologies define God as holy, and human beings as profane and sinful. Then, how can God's love and humankind's love become one? They cannot answer this question. The problem is that they think the absolute God can do anything. This was the main reason why Christians shed so much blood wherever they went. Misusing God's commandment, they invaded and seized. They produced dictators. The world, however, does not work like that. From the viewpoint of God's original nature, it cannot be like that. P. 2533. Right. Ch.2. Sec.8.3.3.

Are arteries greater or veins greater? Which is greater? They are equal. Then, which is greater, God or people? They are equal. When it comes to love, if God is the artery, we human beings are like the veins, so we have the value of having the privilege to be God's equal. "I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth. I am omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. There is nothing that does not go through me." What makes this happen? Love does. P.339. left top. Sec.1.2. Ch.2.

God does not judge people....

The concept that God is the Lord of judgment does not exist in God. If He harbors the idea of getting His revenge, God's ideal world would not emerge. That is why the concept of judgment by literal fire does not exist in God. Since the concept of the enemy is alien to Him, God raised Abel to have him bring Cain to submission through natural means, not by force. P.920. left.Ch.2.Sec.6.1.

God never sends people to hell. When people go to the spirit world, they go to hell on their own account. P.892. left. Ch.2.Sec.2.5.

You decide whether you go to heaven or hell. I do not decide. God does not decide. You are the one who decides. P.896. right. Ch.2.Sec.2.6.

On the path of love, you can never have a hateful mind. On the path of true love, there is never a place for a hateful mind. God's essence does not include the concept of enemies or evil because it is surrounded by true love. P. 1641. Right. Ch.1. Sec. 1.3.

God is not "out there somewhere"...

Our minds can be infinitely enlarged through heart, rather than through knowledge. A heart of love is so big that it can more than embrace the universe, so once we develop this original and mighty domain, even God will want to come and take naps there. Since we cannot embrace God through our knowledge, we must know how great a heart of love is. P.323. right. Sec.3.

God is not a God who is way up in the sky far removed from us. We should attend God as the master in our daily life. P.991. left. Ch.1.Sec.2.1.

God does not live up in the air somewhere distant from our lives. He lives in our lives, P. 2379. Right. Ch.1. Sec.3.1.

God's intention is to be in us and among us....

A human being is the body of God, who is assuming physical form. Since we are the physical body of God, we are the external God. God wishes to bestow such a privilege on us. P.325 bottom right. Sec.4.

For God, Adam is the core of God's self, and the core of the ideal love of the future. So Adam is God's body. On the other hand, Eve is God's wife and body. Adam is a spiritual partner relating to God's body and Eve is a physical partner. So when Adam and Eve become husband and wife and love each other, with whom are they sharing their love? They are in love with God. This is why marriage is exceptionally holy. P.336 bottom left. Sec.1.1 Ch.2

When Adam and Eve become God's body He will dwell in their minds and rule the physical and incorporeal worlds through them. P.686. left bottom. Ch.5. Sec. 2.

Doing something unwillingly is like not doing it at all. If you do it thinking of God and Father, their essence will be embedded inside your shell, like a fully mature chestnut embedded inside the burr. When you think of God and me dwelling in your heart, my words and God's Word will become your core. P.706. right. Ch.6. Sec. 2.1.

When God and Adam become one and both are overflowing with love, Adam can become God. When Adam becomes completely one with God through love, God dwells in Adam. The Bible states, "Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?" We are God's temple. P.988. bottom left. Ch.1.Sec.1.1.

God is not a fantasy or a conceptual God, nor is He an abstract God. With His leadership in our daily life, He is always with us as the master of our daily circumstances. He does not just receive attendance but is living together with us by sharing love. P.991. left. Ch.1.Sec.2.1.

Adam and Eve were to be the body of God. P.1123. left. Ch.1.Sec.3.2.

God is not some being that exists in our fantasies or imagination. God is not abstract. God lives with us in our daily lives as the master of our lives. God does not exist just to be served. God lives in a reciprocal love relationship with people, together, as part of the community. It is an unbelievable reality. P. 2379. Left. Ch.1. Sec.3.1.

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have loved each other, but they would have loved each other in place of God. Thereby their daily lives would have manifested that of God. If they had liked something, He, too, would have liked it internally. If they had been sad, He, too, would have felt sadness internally because love would have belonged to Him and them. Being one love, it could only be like this. P. 2245. Left. Ch.1. Sec.3.

God does not always stand in the vertical position or human beings in the horizontal position. In love, the vertical and horizontal positions become one. P. 2357. Left. Ch.1. Sec.1.2.

Adam and Eve were God's son and daughter; at the same time, they were also His temples. Once they had matured, that is, once the temple had been built completely, He intended to dwell in them. Then, when the fully matured Adam and Eve performed the ceremony of holy matrimony, centering on God, they would have become as one with Him. He would then have become the internal God, and human beings would have become His external form with substantial bodies.
In 1 Corinthians 3:16 it is written, "Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?" If those who are saved by faith can become God's temples, then surely Adam and Eve, in the position of the originally intended true ancestors of humanity, should have become His temples. P. 1477. Left. Ch 1. Sec. 3.2.

Originally, without the Fall taking place, God would have come to dwell in Adam and Eve. God is the being with the dual characteristics of external form and internal nature, and the objects of that external form and internal nature are Adam and Eve. It was God's intention to enter their minds and form the realm of oneness of mind and body with them.
God was to be in the position of the mind of the original and perfected human beings. Human beings were in the position of His perfected body, and in this realm of mind-body oneness He would get married through Adam and Eve. That wedding is substantially and horizontally Adam and Eve's marriage, but vertically it would be God's wedding. (256-85, 1994.3.12)

God is not a heartless God....

The parent cannot find happiness when their beloved child falls ill. If God does not feel pain in His heart for the condition of human beings who have become the cause of national ruin, and who are falling straight down into hell, but instead, enjoys it saying, "Now! You got what you deserved and now you are going to perish, then such a God should be struck down by lightning. P.921. right.Ch.2.Sec.6.1.

I have come to realize that God does not sit on a throne of glory and majesty. Instead, He is a God of deep sorrow and profound suffering, who has endeavored to save His children that fell into hell. P. 2134.Left.Ch.6.Sec.2.

God is not a chaotic God....

Your inner person and outer person are in conflict. When will this conflict end? After ten years? Or not even by the time you die? If God had created human beings in that way, then He would not be a god with a single purpose but a god with dual purposes. Such a god would be a chaotic god. All the laws of the universe systematically pursue a distinct purpose without being at cross-purposes. From that perspective, we know that we were not originally created in this way. P.558 bottom and top. Ch.1. Sec.3.3.

God is growing....

Did He exist from the very beginning, or did He come into being? Even God has grown. We must know this. How can we know it? We can know it from the principle that causes everything that resembles God's original nature to start as a small cell and grow. So what has made God grow? He has grown because of love, an absolute love wherein God is the subject partner of love and human beings are His object partners. P. 2233. Left. Ch.1. Sec.1.

The depth of true love incorporates everything, going all the way back to the beginning when God was born. You have no idea how deep it is! It started at the very origin of His existence. Even God has grown and developed. To the very depth of His beginning, He has had the same origin as true love. At the point of origin, God was not first; love was first. P. 2233-4. Right. Ch.1. Sec.1.

The reason is that love precedes life. Why did God begin to exist? He began to exist because of love, and He exists in order to love. Had there been no concept of love, there would not have been a need for God to come into being. P. 2234. Left. Ch.1. Sec.1.

God also underwent a similar developmental process. He passed through infancy, siblinghood, matrimony and parenthood. By parents giving birth to and raising their children based on the invisible God's past, their children can gain sight of God, the first and incorporeal Creator, from the time of His invisible babyhood onward. P. 1662. Left. Ch.1. Sec. 3.2.2.

There is a WAR going on....

There are two beings in the universe who claim to be great – God and Satan. These masters of good and evil are fighting against each other. They are waging a battle of good and evil over human beings. P.197 top left.

Good and evil spirits are fighting each other even in the spirit world. There's a battle going on in that world too. Good spirits battle continually to lead evil spirits to good places, and evil spirits are doing everything they can to prevent good spirits from going to good places. P.720. left. Ch.7. Sec. 1.1.

Thus, for us to be re-created we must absolutely pass through a course of struggle. Who is controlling this course of re-creation? Satan is. Satan rules up to 97 percent of this realm; beyond the 97 percent, God is in control. P.1128. left. Ch.1.Sec.5.2.

The importance of joy....

No matter how firmly we have determined to become an absolute being and establish an absolute purpose, this will be useless unless we are happy. Our daily life should be happy. P.451. Ch.4. Sec.2.

What is most precious for a man and woman? It is love. Love is the key element needed to experience happiness. No matter how lofty a person's purpose may be, if he fails to establish a love that can take dominion over his purpose, he will have to pursue a new purpose. Purpose cannot stand above love. P.451. Ch.4. Sec.4.

God's purpose in creating Adam and Eve was to feel joy. This was not the joy of looking at them, or speaking with them, or touching them, but a joy based on love. He created us for the attainment of joy. P.316 right. Sec. 2.

When you are intoxicated in the love of God you would not become bored even if you were to stare at a grain of sand for a thousand years. P.321 right bottom. Sec.3.

But if you find a way to know God's love and really taste it, then His love cannot be compared to anything in this world. If there is someone who has tasted this love, no amount of difficulty or sorrow can defeat him. P.454. Ch.4. Sec.4.

The nature of the Spirit World....

The spirit world is in a different dimension from this limited earthly world. We cannot move freely within mundane confines, but as the spirit world is a higher-dimensional place, you can do anything there; you can leap across time. If you want something based on love, you can have it all anytime, anywhere. P.554. bottom left. Ch.1. Sec. 1.9.2.

Your physical father is the father who became the bridge. You will call him brother in the spirit world. You will not be calling your physical mother mom either. P634. top left. Ch.3.Sec.3.7.

In this regard, is there anything particularly different about the people in the spirit world compared to people living on the earth today? Would they suddenly become different? That is not possible. You are harvested with the exact same form in which you lived in this world. All the people in the spirit world are, after all, just people who have lived on earth. From that perspective, the spirit world is no different from the world that people live in today. P.728 left bottom. Ch.7. Sec. 2.2.

Where, then, are people going? They are going to heaven. How about angels? They are also going to heaven. P.760. top left. Ch.1. Sec.1.2.

Now, dogs and all creation can follow their masters to heaven or anywhere else that their masters may go. P.760. left. Ch.1. Sec.1.2.

Even if you are not learned externally, you will understand everything in your heart immediately. You will come to know everything important within a week. P.804. right. Ch.1. Sec.3.3.

You live in the spirit world as you have lived on this earth. P.806. right. Ch.1. Sec. 3.4.

Habits can last for eternity; they are so difficult to change. Nonetheless, they can be corrected while you live on earth. You can clear away your old habits by overriding them with new ones. You should do this now. If you do not, you will have problems when you enter the spirit world. Once there, you will find yourself caught. P.808. top left. Ch.1. Sec. 3.4.

There is no forgiveness in the spirit world. P.808. right. Ch.1. Sec. 3.4.

If you expect to release things in the spirit world, you will be disappointed to find that it is difficult to solve your problems there. You will not find any villains opposing you or any realm opposing your goodness there. Similarly, if something is wrong, instead of going against it, you will try to deflect it on its way. You should try to disassociate from it completely. P.811. top left. Ch.1. Sec.3.5.

There are no handicapped people there, either. Those who are handicapped or have deformities will have no disability once they discard their flesh. P.851-2. Ch.2. Sec. 1.1.

How old do you look when you live in the spirit world? You live with the appearance you had at the age when you were the most beautiful. The more beautiful the way of thinking you have, the more beautiful your face and appearance becomes. P.852. left. Ch.2. Sec. 1.1.

In the spirit world the wrinkled grandmothers and grandfathers you remember will look much prettier than you. They will look more beautiful. They can remain in that state if they have love. P.861. right top. Ch.2. Sec.1.4.

Even when babies die while still infants, they still grow in the spirit world. P.960. left. Ch.3.Sec.3.3.

In the future if you have a child who goes to the spirit world, without having committed the fall, he will return to live with you in spirit. Since I allowed the three-day ceremony for those blessed to people in the spirit world, those believers in the Unification Church who pass away from now on, can come to the earth and live with their husband or wife. P.960. left. Ch.3.Sec.3.3.

The spirit world is a world of intuition where within a week you could obtain all the knowledge that a very intellectual person has acquired throughout his life on earth. P.871. right. Ch.2. Sec.1.6.

Fallen humanity does not live in the Kingdom of Heaven God created. Heaven is a place where only perfected Blessed families can live. P.954. left. Ch.3.Sec.3.1.

Those babies grow in the spirit world. They do not remain the way they were. The heart of the mothers who cry in sadness for these babies, allows the babies to grow. It is not wrong for parents to be sad about their child's death. Your deceased partner is actually growing in the spirit world. If the wife cherishes her deceased husband in her heart and grieves for him, he will benefit from that. P.956. right. Ch.3.Sec.3.2.

Needless to say, the wider the water pipes are, the more water can flow through them, and similarly, depending on how much you offer devotion, prayer and effort, the pipelines of victory connecting you to the spirit world will be installed. P. 1605. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 3.7.

If you can love every person who is your grandfather's age as your own grandparent, you will surely enter heaven. If you can love every person who is your parents' age as your own, there will be no boundaries for you in the spirit world. If you can consider all the young people in the world as your own children, you will be able to visit any place in heaven. Even though there are twelve pearl gates leading up to heaven, you will be able to pass through all of them. P. 1510. Right. Ch.2. Sec. 2.2.

If you can shed your sinfulness ten times a day, you should do so. This would gradually eliminate the burden of your past sins. In the spirit world, there is nothing to stimulate this process to take place. There is no such mechanism. P.810. left. Ch.1. Sec. 3.5.

Til death do us part....

Up until this time, if your beloved wife were to pass on to the spirit world, you would be separated from her. When you go there, you go to a level according to your own spiritual standard. Once you arrive in that world, you can press a button on something similar to a video machine, and everything you did in your life will come up. It is all recorded. Your number will be called out, and the person who brings you away will already be waiting there. Then you will go to your place. Even if there were ten people in a family, they will all be separated because the standards of their spirituality are all different. They cannot meet each other. Now this situation has been resolved. P.962. top left. Ch.3.Sec.3.3.

That is why all the ancestors in the spirit world are separated from one another. Where do they go? No matter how loving a couple they are, when they go to the spirit world they cannot go into God's Kingdom, into the heavenly kingdom. People enter the middle realms of heaven, and go to a place that matches their spiritual level. That is why, if there are ten members in one family, they are all in different places. P. 2406-7. Right. Ch.2. Sec.1.3.3.

Teach youth before age 16....

It is better to know the truth when you are younger, before age 16 or even in infancy, than in adulthood or older age. P.562. bottom left. Ch.1.Sec.4.5.

The 2nd Second Generation or youth will not leave or fall away if we deeply acquaint them with God and eternal life before the age of 16. p.565. left middle. Ch.1.Sec.5.1.

Jesus' Life....

For Jesus, being crucified was nothing. If he had collapsed, he could not face God. If he were to stand as a failure in the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven and the ideal society, if it existed, he would have wanted to go and seek a wrapping cloth with which he could cover his face and hide. P.674. right. Ch.4. Sec.3.3.1.

Consequently, even those who believe in Jesus Christ can only become adopted children. They are in the same position as Cain who is of a different lineage. A relationship that is not linked by blood remains in the archangel's position. P.684. left. Ch.5. Sec.1.

He (Jesus) could not offer his total self. He could offer only half of himself. He lost his body and could offer only his spirit. This represents a level equivalent to the angelic realm in the spirit world.
Therefore, Christians cannot enter Heaven but go instead to a spiritual realm lower than paradise and wait there. That spiritual realm is under the dominion of the archangel. P.684. bottom and top. Ch.5. Sec. 1.

Jesus, too, was victorious in overcoming the three great temptations. We cannot go to heaven without obtaining Satan's signature that we were historically victorious. No matter what, we must obtain Satan's signature. When Jesus overcame Satan's three great temptations, Satan acknowledged tearfully, "You are eternally different from me." P.708. right bottom. Ch.6. Sec. 2.2.

Jesus should have had 120 disciples, centering on and united together with the family of Zechariah. He should have formed and liberated a nation with all the court officials, but he could not. That is the tribal messiah's responsibility. P. 2376. Left. Ch.1. Sec.2.4.

Eve broke the original ideal for both Adam and herself. For this reason, it was necessary for Mary, who represented the fallen Eve, to bring forth the restored Eve who could become the wife of Jesus, who came as the second Adam. This restoration could not be carried out by Mary alone. Since the archangel assisted God in creating Eve for Adam, an archangelic figure would also be required to assist in the re-creation of Eve after the pattern of the second Adam. This is how Eve could have been restored.
Then Jesus and the restored Eve were to have become one. If servants in the position of the angels and the archangel had created a daughter in the position of Eve, centering on Jesus in the position of Adam, then would this daughter not have been God's daughter, unrelated to the Fall? Mary and Joseph were to have blessed this daughter of God with Jesus. This would have been the union of God's daughter and son.
Since Eve caused the problem of the reversal of dominion, women must bear responsibility for it. Hence, Mary had to restore the archangel, Adam, and also restore Eve back to the position she was in before the Fall. She was to do all this. This is why women have to reverse dominion. Mary's task was not just to restore those three figures but also to recover even God's heart. P. 2242-3. Right. Ch.1. Sec.3.

If Jesus Christ had been accepted by the Jewish people two thousand years ago, he would have unified the Jewish tribes and race, and also the Arabic realm inhabited by the descendants of the twelve tribes. Thereupon, his ideology and teachings would have spread through the Middle Eastern region and the Indian region to the Far East. He would then have conquered the Roman Empire and all of Europe and formed a new religious cultural realm in which he would have become the King of all kings. P. 2125. Left. Ch.6. Sec. 1.

If Jesus, while dying on the cross, had harbored any feelings of malice toward his enemies, God's providence would have suffered a total reversal. By overcoming death with a heart of loving his enemies and praying for their blessing, Jesus naturally subjugated Satan. P. 2126. Right. Ch.6. Sec. 1.

Jesus was particularly remarkable in this regard. In the situation of having no other option but the way of the cross owing to the disbelief of the Jewish people, Jesus realized that the only way for him to live for the sake of God and the people of Israel was for him to die for them. This was the reasoning behind the crucifixion. P. 2129. Right. Ch.6. Sec. 1.

Originally, when Jesus appeared, China and India were both cultural and religious nations. The cultural spheres centering on Hinduism and Buddhism had the responsibility to absorb the Roman Empire by forming a trinity when Jesus came. If the Jewish nation and Arab realm in the Middle East had become one, they would have naturally connected to India. In terms of race, the people of India belong to the European line. Asia would have connected with India and then India could have connected with China through Burma. If these spheres had combined with China's religious civilization and assimilated Rome on a global domain, then a unified Kingdom of Heaven could have been created on earth. P. 1975-6. Right. Ch.5. Sec. 1.2.

Jesus was in a position where he could have avoided death by various means if he had tried. P. 1942. Left. Ch.4. Sec. 1.2.

There is no other way of becoming one with Jesus except through love. You cannot become one with him through truth or justice. P.1271. right. Ch.1. Sec.2.2.2.

The precious blood of Jesus and the ritual of the Last Supper all symbolize the providence of becoming the children of God through the conversion of the lineage. P.1272. left. Ch.1. Sec.2.3.

Originally, when Jesus appeared, China and India were both cultural and religious nations. The cultural spheres centering on Hinduism and Buddhism had the responsibility to absorb the Roman Empire by forming a trinity when Jesus came. If the Jewish nation and Arab realm in the Middle East had become one, they would have naturally connected to India. In terms of race, the people of India belong to the European line. Asia would have connected with India and then India could have connected with China through Burma. If these spheres had combined with China's religious civilization and assimilated Rome on a global domain, then a unified Kingdom of Heaven could have been created on earth. P. 1975-6. Right. Ch.5. Sec. 1.2.

Angels managed God's providence before and since Jesus....

Since God created angels before creating Adam, today's religions are the creations of the angelic realm on earth. That is the religious sphere. P. 121 Ch.3. Sec. 2.2.

Vast numbers of people were sacrificed in the course of God's providence to establish the True Parents. God created a great number of religions in His dispensation and they typify the angelic world, Cain, Abel, the child by a concubine, the adopted child, the stepmother, and the adoptive parents' positions. Finally, He created the True Mother and True Father religion. P. 2280. Left. Ch.3. Sec.2.

Angelic nature in man....

Aren't there many adulteresses amongst women who were unfaithful? They will end up at the very bottom of hell. These days, many couples marry under a legal contract. Are you aware of that? They do not want to have babies. They do not want to have a family.
It is like that in the age of archangels. Can people without a baby know parental love? Would they know how to love children? They can never learn to love through making contracts. They are a group of wanderers, and in the spirit world they will just drift around. They have no basis that enables them to settle down. P.957. left. Ch.3.Sec.3.2.

Rules of engagement....

As such, Jesus would say, "This person performed good deeds believing in my name. Heavenly Father, is it not true, based on an agreement made between You and the devil, that the devil cannot take someone who strove to be good, someone who observed the public laws? Is that not true?" Then God would say, "Yes, it is true." P.711. right. Ch.6. Sec. 2.2.

The devil cannot take people who are placed in a position of goodness in Jesus' name, which is why people are told to believe in Him. But can you go to heaven just by unconditionally believing in him? P.711. right. Ch.6. Sec. 2.2.

Nevertheless, Satan cannot ignore God, the great Superintendent of heaven and earth. Whenever he desires to carry out some act, he needs to get clearance from the God of goodness. P. 1766. Left. Ch.2. Sec. 5.

Mind-Body Unity....

Mind and body unity cannot be achieved without true love. P.826. left. Ch.1.Sec.4.3.

However, a rebel inside your mind always challenges your conscience. That rebel is your physical desires. P.826. left. Ch.1.Sec.4.3.

The reason that your minds and bodies could not unite until now is because you did not have true love. P. 2394. Left. Ch.2. Sec.1.2.2.

What is the power that enables mind and body, husband and wife, and parent and child to be united? It is the power of love. It is the power of true love. P. 2394. Right. Ch.2. Sec.1.2.3.

Are not your bodies and minds in conflict? Why is that? It is due to the Fall. How then can they be reunified? Without true love, they cannot unite. P. 2281. Right. Ch.3. Sec.2.

The True Parents are absolutely needed by the individual because only they can teach the way to solve the mind-body conflict. P. 1596. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 2.11.

Man and woman cannot unify their minds and bodies without true love. P. 2265. Right. Ch.2. Sec.4.

The conscience chastises the body, and tries to make it conform to the mind. Here is where bitter conflict and struggle always takes place within oneself. No one, though, can conquer the body without welcoming God in. Only through the power of God's true love and truth can the mind as subject partner take command of the body as its object partner and realize the ideal of oneness with God. This is the perfect human being that religions speak of. P. 2236. Left. Ch.1. Sec.2.

If you want to achieve mind and body unity, you first need to recover the essential love of God. P. 1435. Left. Ch 4. Sec. 2.1.3.

The Unification Church emphasizes a mind-body unity that can only be achieved through true love. P. 1480. Left. Ch 1. Sec. 4.2.

Mind-body unity refers to the state in which the body resonates in harmony with the conscience. When you strike one prong of a tuning fork, the other prong vibrates at the same frequency. In a similar manner, if you strike the conscience with true love, the body will resonate. Alternatively, when you strike the body with true love, the conscience will resonate. P. 1480. Right. Ch 1. Sec. 4.2.

Throughout history, the mind and body have been in constant conflict. If God had intended it at the time of creation, such a god would be the enemy of humankind. P. 1481. Left. Ch 1. Sec. 4.2.

The Two shall Become as One....

In the spirit world, when a couple is truly one in spirit and body, at any time the man can become the woman, and the woman can become the man. They say that love is being one flesh, right? If you look inside a woman, there will be a man within her. Her husband will be within her. P.863. right. Ch.2. Sec.1.4.

Taking dominion....

Time is more important than anything else when coming before God. If you cannot be on time, you will fail. If you fail to connect to the right time, you will perish. God demands a sanctified environment and an utmost pure heart, but you cannot even be on time, and when late, you sit in the back and sing praises. God does not want such praise. P.1017 right. Ch.3.Sec.2.1.

You must be strict with public funds. You should be thorough in your tithing. You should offer one-tenth of your total income to God without fail. P.1029 left. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

The rules of the church are all aspects of our portion of responsibility. Thus, we must diligently keep the time for church service. We must arrive before the service begins, and must fully concentrate during its course. That is what I did. In the past, if I was going to be late for school I would skip a meal and thus arrive early. That is what I did. I had to learn to control the use of time. P.1126. left. Ch.1.Sec.5.1.


By offering a tithe from your material possessions to God, you can establish a condition equal to having offered all that you have. Even if you do not offer everything to God, offering a portion of it with all of your heart and mind will enable the rest to be considered holy. The person who tithes will never perish. As days go by, his storage room will be filled with more material blessings. P.1029 left. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

You will never starve if you can tithe with sincere devotion. As a rule, your descendants will never suffer for want of material things. Invest your devotion in offering tithes; this is the essence of faith. Just offering it in a mediocre way will not work. An offering is something that you offer on behalf of your life. That is why you should offer the thing that is most important to you. P.1029 left. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

From now on, you are not a member if you do not tithe. You should offer three-tenths of your income: one-tenth for the nation, one-tenth for the world and one-tenth for the church.
It is absolutely essential to tithe in our daily lives as we go this way. You should not consider your income your own or use it as your own. P.1029 right. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

Tithing applies to every aspect of life. Even in a school, one in ten classrooms should be used for less fortunate children, to give them classes free of charge. From now on, you need to tithe not only your materials but also your time. It is no longer only the material aspect like in the past. If you have ten family members, one family member should be offered to the public mission on behalf of your entire family. P.1032 right. Ch.3.Sec.5.2.

Sanctity of the offering....

When you make a donation, you should not use money left over after purchasing something to eat. That money is defiled. Furthermore, God would not be present when a donation is made with change after purchasing things at the market. P.1030 left. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

Making an offering for the maintenance of the church after dealing with your own expenses first sounds extremely good, but it is bad. Making an offering to God should be the first priority in life, before thinking of your own life. Thinking that you are offering a percentage of your income can easily lead to a habit of putting your life first, before God. If God is placed as a second priority, He will later end up being in the last place. P.1030 left. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

You should offer the first of anything to God. Pure things should be offered in front of God. God will not be with you unless you offer something pure. Your daily habits should be carried out in this way. P.1031 right. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

In the fall, when you harvest grains, a tithe from what you reap must be separated and stored in a separate barn. Then, during the year, your children and relatives should gather together and humbly offer that tithe with sincerity and love. P.1030 right. Ch.3.Sec.5.1.

You should stand in a straight line with God at least during morning Pledge service. It is a truly serious hour. You should repent if you are even one second late. You should also prepare some candy as holy food, like you would for Holy Communion, and share it with your children. P.1090-91 Ch.4. Sec. 12.1.

A sacrificial offering represents the life and belief of the person making it. When you buy the goods for a sacrificial offering, do not try to get a discount but give a little bit more. You should do the same when you buy material to make your holy robe. P.1100 right. Ch.4. Sec. 15.2.


If people understand the true meaning of the word indemnity, then they will all like it the most. Without indemnity, there can be no blessing. Indemnity is the invaluable nugget of gold in the Unification Church. It is an amazing word that can face death, sacrifice everything, and overcome all difficulties. P.1042 left. Ch.3.Sec.8.1.

Because of Satan, indemnity conditions are necessary; if Satan did not exist, indemnity conditions would not be required. P.1184. left. Ch.3.Sec.3.2.

The distinction between Indemnity and Restoration....

In the era of restoration through indemnity people have been moving in circles: if the first attempt failed, they could have a second one. In this way they were able to progress. Now, however, we have passed the era of restoration through indemnity and entered the era of restoration. In the era of restoration we cannot take our time to resolve mistakes. P.1226. left. Ch.4. Sec.6.

The Blessing brings inheritance of the foundation of a connection with the lineage of God's true life. Since there are people in both the spiritual and physical worlds who have inherited His lineage through the Blessing, He is able to have full dominion over them. Thus, even now, with full authority, He is freely pressing ahead with re-creation and the providence of restoration without needing to set up indemnity conditions. P. 1586-8. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 2.8. (1999)

So from now on, God is pushing forward the history of restoration, without indemnity conditions, according to His will and with His full authority. The question is whether or not you are suitable; whether or not you can stand in the reciprocal relationship with God. Once you have made the determination and become one with the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, everything will work at lightening speed, becoming equal. Once you become true sons and daughters standing in the position of oneness with God and God's absolute love and lineage, the entire universe will be bequeathed to you as His sons and daughters. Then, everything belongs to you. When you become one in love, everything becomes yours. P. 2523. Right. Ch.2. Sec.8.2.2.

The Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages signifies that the historical course of vertical indemnity and the course of horizontal indemnity that went through the stages of individual, family, people, nation, and the world, that is the vertical and horizontal courses consisting of eight stages, are completed. Due to this, the right of the eldest son has been restored, and the course of indemnity for all humanity is abolished. P.1187. left. Ch.3.Sec.3.3.

What will CIG be like?

If you do not use the unified language, a cultural gap arises as in the past. This is quite a serious problem. P. 2510. Left. Ch.2. Sec.7.3.

There can be only one set of True Parents. They are the only Parents of humankind. The Completed Testament Age is the age in which the True Parents appear for the first time ever in human history. P. 2514. Left. Ch.2. Sec.8.1.1.

The world based on the culture of heart is the world of the original culture of God and the world of the culture of perfected Adam, who has nothing to do with the Fall. In such a world, there are not two cultures; there is only one. Let it be the world of unification such that there is only one language, there is only one set of customs, there is only one set of habits, and there is only one tradition! You should know that only there will God live together with the individual and in families. P. 2509. Right. Ch.2. Sec.7.3.

The Family Federation will govern the world based strongly on the Family Pledge. P. 2362. Right. Ch.1. Sec.1.3.

All the people in the world must perfect themselves on the family level. What must be done to reach perfection? Your families must be the ones who restore the fallen families through atonement offerings. This has to be achieved by each and every family worldwide, making an effort through the Family Federation. Perfection has to be achieved by Adam and Eve. God cannot do it for them. True Parents cannot do it for them. P. 2362. Right. Ch.1. Sec.1.3.

Since the Family Federation came about based on God's will, the world community will have to form a reciprocal relationship with us. P. 2363. Right. Ch.1. Sec.1.3.

Whose family is the pledge talking about? My family. My family is the central family. P. 2370. Left. Ch.1. Sec.2.2.

If and when the nation that the Unification Church desires is established, we will have to take down and dismantle the Unification Church signboard. And when the world that the Unification Church desires is realized, then we will have to dismantle the nation the Unification Church established. P. 2159. Right. Ch.6. Sec. 5.

Are there borders in the heavenly nation? There are not. Are there two languages in the heavenly nation? No. Are there racial differences? No, there are none. P. 2117. Left. Ch.5. Sec. 6.1.

What would the ideal Kingdom of Heaven be like? It would be the place where people all over the world would live like Unification Church members. This is the kingdom on earth. The kingdom on earth would be where every person adopted our way of living. P. 1994. Right. Ch.5. Sec. 2.5.1.

There is no doubt that the Kingdom of God is a place governed according to the will of God. It is governed by the sovereignty held by His children of direct descent, centering on Him and following the commands issued by Him. In such a place, democracy or communism cannot exist. Once it is established, the kingdom would remain eternally. P. 1995. Left. Ch.5. Sec. 2.5.1.

Men are made to live centering on hobbies. P. 1911. Left. Ch.2. Sec. 2.3.

All people should have a hobby. In the future, people will not have any food problems. Then would you spend your time fighting with each other? Everyone needs to have some fun. P. 1912. Right. Ch.2. Sec. 2.3.


If you look at the eighth chapter in the book of Romans, it says, "but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly, as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies." (Rom. 8:23) and "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, 'Abba, Father...'" (Rom. 8:15) You can only become adopted children. The Christians are adopted children. Adopted children have a different lineage. If you look at the Gospel of John, Jesus said, "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's Desires." He said, "father", so does not that mean that humankind's ancestor is the devil that their lineage comes from him? Therefore, what is circumcision? It is the separation of good and evil. That is how it is. What kind of fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are you talking about? P.1131. left. Ch.2.Sec.1.1.

Don't Mary and Eve resemble each other? In the same way that Eve deceived her future husband, and elder brother, Adam, and God, her Father, Tamar also followed the same pattern. The deception of their future husbands, father-in-laws, husbands, brothers and all siblings, was in each case the indemnity that corresponded to Eve's actions. The actions of Eve, Tamar and Mary closely resemble each other. P.1165. top left. Ch.3.Sec.1.1.

In the first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, four great women appear. There appear Bathsheba and Tamar. Next, the harlot Rahab appears and then Ruth. Four great women who had illicit relationships. They all seemed to be women of loose morals. They had husbands, but they also had relationships with other men. Were they not, then, loose women? You should read the Bible very well, at least once. Jesus could not be born to a lawful wife. P.1165. bottom left. Ch.3.Sec.1.1.

Tamar was a person who recognized the importance of God's lineage, that is, the blessing. She was a historic, representative woman who was prepared to risk anything to pass on this lineage. Her position was the same as the position of Eve. Although Eve should have inherited God's lineage directly from Him as the mother of humankind, she in fact neglected and destroyed this inheritance. In order to restore this, a woman who would surpass Eve had to appear. A woman who could single-mindedly think that continuing the lineage that is blessed by God is more precious than her own life had to appear. Tamar was that woman. P.1167. bottom left. Ch.3.Sec.1.2.

Tamar bore a son after having relationships with several men. This was not the ideal. Thus, the son represented an adopted son. Therefore, a woman who had inherited the faith and determination of Tamar but who could receive God's calling as a virgin, with devotion, was needed. A virgin with these qualities was needed. This was Mary. P.1169. left. Ch.3.Sec.1.3.

The Blessing of marriage is not just the coming together of two people, a man and woman. Jesus had to stand on the foundation of the unified Cain Abel relationship between the two families and tribes of Zechariah and Joseph. This was the basis needed for Jesus' marriage. However, he died and was unable to accomplish this. The Blessing is to indemnify and restore this. Jesus and Joseph's family signifies the position of Abel. Zechariah's family signifies the position of Cain. P.1172. bottom left. Ch.3.Sec.1.3.

The relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist was similar to that between Cain and Abel. Jesus and John the Baptist were brothers. This has not been revealed before, but they were brothers. John the Baptist was born from the first wife, and Jesus was born from the second wife. He could not have been born from the first wife. That is why in the Last Days, sexual immorality has become prevalent. The trend of women selling their bodies is spreading. Women must be liberated. It cannot be done through the first husband. In the Last Days, outstanding people can be born to wanton women, to streetwalkers. Do you understand?

In the fallen world, the concubine snatches love. This is the age when the kept mistress can have even greater power than the legal wife. Why is that so? The first relationship represents Cain's love, and the second represents love from God's side, so God works through the second figure. That is why, for example, Joseph and Jesus were born from second wives. P.1172. right. Ch.3.Sec.1.3.

Weddings not officiated by the parents are officiated by the archangel. When an eminent person comes to officiate at a wedding, alone, like an odd shoe, he is conducting the wedding as the archangel. P.1247. right. Ch.1. Sec.1.1.3.

It was the first time for all the leaders of religion to hear these things. They asked the meaning of the transition of the lineage, the transition of the rights of ownership and the transition of the realm of love. Even Jesus asked me about this every day. P.946. bottom left. Ch.3.Sec.2.1.

The only son and only daughter created personally by God with His own hands were Adam and Eve. P.1259. right. Ch.1. Sec.1.3.2

The Fall....

From a spiritual perspective, Adam's sexual organ is God's external sexual organ, and Eve's sexual organ is God's internal sexual organ. P. 1736. Left. Ch.2. Sec. 3.2.2.

Thus, the angels also lived without any clothing. Clothing came into being after the Fall. P. 1771. Left. Ch.3. Sec. 1.1.

Adam's sexual organ is the tree of life. P. 1773. Right. Ch.3. Sec. 1.2.

What is the fruit of good and evil? It becomes good if you enter into a relationship with a good man: if you marry a king, you'll give birth to a prince, but if you marry a gangster boss, you'll give birth to a future gangster boss. That is what the fruit of good and evil is: the thing that is able to bear the fruit of good or evil is the female sexual organ. P. 1776. Right. Ch.3. Sec. 1.2.

....the worship of numerous gods does not even fall under Satan. P. 1957. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 3.2.

Do you think that Satan, who has played havoc with God for six thousand years, will simply say, "Oh my goodness, I'm losing ground," and turn around, bow his head and go home? You think it is a waste to throw out an old cleaning rag, don't you? You would probably turn it over and check the smell before you throw it out. Satan is not going to retreat easily. He will doggedly fight to the end. P. 2011. Left. Ch.1. Sec. 2.

If Adam had not fallen, Eve could have been re-created many times over. P. 1595. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 2.11.

In the history of indemnity until now, restoration was achieved at the sacrifice of the mother and her children, but with the declaration of 9.9. Jeol, fortune has turned in favor of the unification of North and South Korea, and on the day of unification we will enter the era of father-son cooperation. The mother is not primarily essential for restoration, for any number of them can be established. If Adam had not fallen, Eve could have been re-created many times over. P. 1595. Right. Ch.4. Sec. 2.11.

Filial Piety....

Sons and daughters should not live for their own sakes. In serving heaven and earth and humankind as themselves, they should be sons and daughters who must inherit a stronger and higher tradition. This is how it should be. No one can complain. This is why not just anyone can be the successor to the founder of the Unification Church. They should be sons and daughters who can inherit the lineage and live according to the tradition of living for the sake of others. They should be sons and daughters who are at a higher level and who can do better than their own mothers and fathers. Unless they have lived for and served others, how can the sons and daughters say they have surpassed their parents? Those who are inconsistent will not succeed. We need the eldest child to live for the sake of others even more than high level sons and daughters do in order for him to receive the inheritance. P. 2106. Left. Ch.5. Sec. 2.

People talk about the way of loyalty and filial piety, but do not really understand the meaning. Children must establish the parents as the center of the family in the same position as God; then, becoming one in mind and body in front of the unchanging love that the parents have for their children, they always receive one hundred percent through their heart and body, and adapt to them one hundred percent. What do we call sons and daughters who take such a position? We call them children of filial piety. P. 2180. Right. Ch.1. Sec. 1.

God does not just want filial sons and daughters. He wants a filial family. You must understand that He wanted a family of patriots. He wanted a family of saints. He wanted a family of divine sons and daughters. This is His anguish. P. 2188. Left. Ch.2. Sec. 2.

Filial sons and daughters must fulfill their filial duty while their parents are alive. Loyalty also must be fulfilled when the king is alive. It is no use at all trying to fulfill your filial duty after your parents have died. Loyalty is of no use at all when the king is dead. P. 2189. Left. Ch.2. Sec. 3.

Filial children must always unite with their parents' heart and direction. People going the way of filial piety are not those who behave in a way far different from their parents. If the parents go east, then the children should go east. If the parents go west, then they should go west. If the parents have given a certain direction, but suddenly make an about-face, then the filial child must follow them. There should be no dissent from this. If you follow your parents when they leave home, and each time they order you to turn back and go home, you should turn to go back but then do an about-face and follow them anyway, even if this happens ten times.
If you protest, you will not be able to fulfill your filial duty. If parents behave in a strange way, their children also must behave likewise. If parents give an order, then the children must follow accordingly, even if it means behaving strangely. Acting in a strange manner in itself is not good. You may think that your parents are doing things unknowingly, but actually they know what they are doing. Therefore, you should follow.
Why would parents behave in a strange way? Their strange behavior would serve to identify the most filial child out of all the filial children. If there were one hundred filial children and the parents acted strangely enough, the most filial of them all would eventually emerge. The filial son, who absolutely accommodates his parents' orders at the risk of his life, even though he knows his parents are being capricious, can even become the king of all filial children. P. 2189-90. Right. Ch.2. Sec. 3.

Filial children are those who would love and embrace their parent as their own baby, even if he or she became incontinent or worse. Such children will go to heaven. P. 2190. Right. Ch.2. Sec. 3.

Here, an heir of the heart, who can stand representing his parents, has to appear. An heir of the heart is not an heir who just talks, or someone who merely appears to be an heir, or one who is having a good time; but rather the one who takes ownership of his parents' sadness and suffering, agonizes and grieves in place of his father, and struggles to establish the way to manifest the duty of loyalty and filial piety before Heaven. Only such people can stand before Heaven. P. 2223. Left. Ch.7. Sec.1.

However perfect a person may have become on the individual level, it is of no use if he is unfilial to his parents. P. 2226. Left. Ch.7. Sec.2.

Fulfilling our portion of responsibility means to have absolute faith and absolute obedience. That is the only way. You should not insist on your own way. Eve fell because she insisted on her own way. I am saying that after you join the church you should not complain. P.1127. right. Ch.1.Sec.5.2.

Historical failures...

The reason that the Israelites perished after fulfilling the restoration of Canaan, was that they were accustomed to and assimilated into their environment. They put all their effort into living well, eating well and acquiring luxuries that led to their downfall. They intermarried with wealthy non-Israelites. Also, they lusted after power and thirsted for knowledge. In the end, they were completely assimilated into the Canaanite culture and sold off their spirit as the chosen people. This was the cause of their destruction. P. 2385. Right. Ch.1. Sec.3.3.

If Moses had not been hot-blooded and instead been more wise, he would not have killed the Egyptian. If he had been calm, he would have become a pharaoh, inheriting the sovereignty of Egypt. After becoming the pharaoh, he would have possessed all the treasures of the land. On the foundation of restoring the Cain nation, the restoration of the Israel nation was supposed to happen automatically. But because of his hot temper, Moses killed the Egyptian and blocked this quick way of restoration. 1984 5.1. "Tribal Messiah" Grand Ball Room – World Mission Center.


Then, when you are engrafted to the original standard of conscience, there will be a great surge like that in an electrical power plant when positive and negative interact. Consequently, changes occur in heaven and earth. P.811. bottom right. Ch.1. Sec.3.5.

Though your conscience is the subject partner, humankind fell. Through the practice of love, your conscience must become one with love and stand in the position of the complete spiritual, intellectual, and eternal subject of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. P.824-5. bottom right. Ch.1.Sec.4.3.

However, a rebel inside your mind always challenges your conscience. That rebel is your physical desires. P.826. left. Ch.1.Sec.4.3.

Your conscience must attain the standard of God's conscience, developing to the top of the growth stage reached by Adam and Eve. That requires having faith. P. 1481. Right. Ch 1. Sec. 4.2.


To commit suicide is the worst sin of all sins. It is an atrocity that destroys the universe. Such a person would go to the lowest level of hell. P.891. left. Ch.2.Sec.2.5.

To this day, Satan and evil spirits have divided up this earth and taken charge of it. But now, the good spirits will take over the earth and be in charge of it. For this to happen, members of the Unification Church must shed tears, sweat and blood, and offer devotion. You should pray with a fervent heart greater than the devotion offered by Christians and more than that of the Islamic faith, Buddhism and all other religions. P.907. right. Ch.2.Sec.3.4.

You have to be a bit stupid in order to follow this path. If you look at it in a certain way, loyal subjects were rather foolish people. They seemed to be somewhat stupid. They had the character of a bear. You have to have the kind of slow-wittedness that, if you had your arm cut off, you would simply say, "Oh, this is not cut enough. Please cut off some more." If bears or wild boars get shot and are slowed down by the wound, they will chew off the wounded limb and run away. The last thing they think of is death, and the first thing on their minds is the wound that is slowing them down. You have to have this kind of slow-wittedness. Patriots and heroes were a bit foolish. You have to be a little stupid. P.997. right. Ch.1.Sec.3.2.

When the Unification Church mobilizes, Mohammed will help; so will all the representatives of Confucianism and Buddhism, and so will God. P. 2115. Left. Ch.5. Sec. 5.

Even if you are old and weak to the point of looking out the door and saying, "Alas, I am old," you should still go out witnessing. P. 2119. Right. Ch.5. Sec. 6.2.