The Presenter

Rev. D. Michael HentrichDr. D. Michael Hentrich

  • Met and joined True Parents in 1975
  • Blessed in 1982 to Shigeko Watanabe
  • Son, Michael, born in 1984
  • Daughter, Misun, born in 1986
  • Attended 120-day workshop under Mr. Sudo
  • Worked on Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument campaigns
  • Team captain on MFT
  • Received Masters of Religious Education degree from Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) Grad. 1979
  • Carp leader under Tiger Park at University of Southern California and in New Hampshire
  • State Leader in North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska and Colorado
  • One World Crusade leader
  • Served in 8 countries
  • AFC leader 16 years in Wyoming
  • Vice Regional Director in Denver Region
  • Family includes wife, Shigeko, two children and four grandchildren.